Concrete Contractors

Prime Concrete began in the concrete construction business nearly twelve years ago when owner, Doug Bladow, decided to help out a family friend by pouring his new foundation. Being a bricklayer for most of his life, Doug had the knowledge and skills he needed to establish his own concrete construction business.

At first it was mostly sidewalks, driveways and a few basements but as the years went by, we grew to meet our customer's wants and needs. During that growing period, we purchased the necessary equipment needed to complete our jobs in a timely matter. An average basement that may take some contractors a few weeks to finish will typically take us less than a week.

Some of the projects we do on a daily basis include driveways, sidewalks, foundations, shop floors, grain bins, parking lots and retaining walls. A few larger projects we have completed throughout the years are several apartment buildings, a fertilizer storage building, a sunflower seed storage building, a 40,000 SF parking lot and two potato/onion warehouses.


Through the years we have tried various waterproofing products and it wasn't until a few years ago that we found one of the best systems the market has to offer. Watchdog Waterproofing made by Tremco, Inc. is a flexible polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane that clings to walls yet has the flexibility to expand and contract with them during temperature changes. Because Watchdog is a sprayed on waterproof, its seamless design keeps water from penetrating.

For more information on Watchdog Waterproofing see and type Watchdog on the site's search engine.







Below are some photos from the onion and potato warehouses. Large plastic air flumes (basically culverts) were placed and we used our large conveyor to place the sand around them. Once they were in place, holes were drilled and air cups were leveled and squared up. Concrete was poured and we went back to clean the concrete out of the air cups.